In 1920, Mr Coste purchases a factory which produced hardened steels to use in corsets and crinolines. Then it is the reconversion into cold rolled strip for the industry, in particular the automotive industry.

The range is extended by the production of stainless steels which is now a major component of the business of the company. The company is technically diversifying over the years, improves and takes strategic decisions to be here today one of the key players in the market.

History Aciers Coste Company

1920: Mister COSTE purchases a plant which produced hardened steels to use in corsets and crinolines

1935: Redeployment in steel strip rolling mostly used in automotive industry

1965: Enlargement of steel range offer: stainless steel production. It has become the main company’s activity

1991: New plant opening in the new FELET industrial park

1994: Company receives ISO 9002 then ISO 9001 certification

1995: Reversible cold rolling mill

1999: High speed slitting machine for narrow dimensions

2003: Extension of the manufacturing Felet plant

2003: High thickness slitting production line

2003: Hydrogen atmosphere annealing furnace

2004: Environmental certification ISO 14001

2009: Strength and tension levelling line

2011: RWF: electrical upgrading of the cold rolling mill 2011

2013: New rounding edge / oscillating wound machine

2014: Investment in a brand new roll grinder

2018: Incorporation into Diam Group


We continue to evolve in order to adapt to new constraints